Call us at 240-833-2075 and we will enroll you directly into our membership system. Annual payments may also be paid through our online booking site: 

Massage & Bodywork Memberships
You will enjoy our traditional massage or bodywork sessions! Your appointment will always include hot towels, our signature foot finish and aromatherapy. In addition, your session will be customized to effectively meet your individual needs. 

Here are our current monthly membership packages available:

A. For only $79 per month, you'll enjoy one included 1 hour Traditional Massage per month plus unlimited 1 hour massages within the month for only $79 each.

B. For only $129 per month, you'll enjoy one included 90 minutes Traditional Massage per month plus unlimited 90 minutes massages within the month for only $129 each or 1 hour massages for $79 each.


A. $948 annually, you'll enjoy one included monthly 1 hour Traditional Massage. Unlimited 1 hour sessions within the month are available for only $79 each.

 B. $1,548 annually, you'll enjoy one included monthly 90 Minutes Traditional Massage. Unlimited 90 minutes sessions within the month thereafter are available for $129 each or 1 hour sessions for $79 each.

Members Only Discounts and Specials Offers:
Cancel anytime with 30 days notice

Additional massages at member pricing

Transfer massages to friends and family**
No hidden cost
​25% OFF all enhancements 
Early mornings & late evenings bookings
Bring a friend with you and they'll enjoy $25 OFF their total bill for all massage and bodywork services

Membership as Gifts:
Have a special someone in your life who may deserve to have a spa treatment once a month. Our Personal Care Membership will be a great gift for that special someone. Memberships can be paid in full for 1 year or you can have the monthly fee deducted from your account for that special someone. Payments will be automatically deducted from the account of your choice.

Family Add-on 
Want a Personal Care Membership for a family member? Family members who live in the same household can join for a reduced rate of $5 off normal membership cost. Call us and we will add them on to your account.

Free Membership Spa Services 
Refer a friend and if they become a member within your first 60 days of membership, you’ll receive a FREE 1-hour Traditional Massage service.

Sharing **
Unused included monthly sessions may carry over from month-to-month. You may share one membership spa service per month with a friend or family member for a transfer fee of $10 per membership spa service. Max of two times in one twelve month period. Same recipient may enjoy one transferred massage every six months by the same member.

Freeze Membership
Going out of the country or just need to freeze your membership? No problem. We want this wellness program to be as stress-free as possible. During freeze periods, benefits may not be used until membership has been reinstated. We can freeze your membership for a maximum two months.

You may cancel your membership anytime with 30 days notice. We recommend you allow yourself at least 3 months to really enjoy and feel the benefits of receiving personal care services regularly. 

You may sign up for our membership online or by calling us at 240-833-2075. 

Massage is not a luxury, it's a necessity to invest in yourself! It is not only about feeling better, it's stress reduction, better health, and an all over improvement in your wellness through regular personal care maintenance.


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